The most common mistakes novice bettors

Many novice bettors to commit unnecessary mistakes, which are prepared in a profit. In this article, we have summarized the most common such errors. If you avoid them, your way to profit from betting will be much shorter.

1) Poorly are using betting bonuses

One of the most basic mistakes. Bookmakers offer a variety of bonuses and promotions that allow you to increase your profits. Many people, however, does not use these bonuses to them unnecessarily escapes value.

Various bonuses and promotions are so many. This section features for each bookmaker Sportingbet example, currently offers new punters betting bonus of CZK 1,500 without risk (current as of 25. 6. 2013). Bonus is that when you open an account with Sportingbet, you put money on it (eg. Those CZK 1500) and lose a bet, you return your entire deposit of up to CZK 1,500.

This bonus can be used for example to bet on a team that is not favorite. On the favorite is usually a low rate, while on the underdog team is listed far more favorable rate. In this situation, you have nothing to lose – if you’re lucky, you tip out, and the account will be credited the amount of interesting, if not lucky, your money will be refunded come back.

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Of course, you can take the “safe”, but this type of promotion encourages any reasonable risk.

2) look for the best courses

The goal of each bookies is the same – to achieve the maximum possible profit. And yet, many novice bettors the opportunity to increase their earnings impoverishes. Does not seek the best possible rates.

3) The battery gives too many tips

Many beginners think that the shortest way to profit is to create a battery with the most tips. However, it really does not work. Never should the battery (or generally on any ticket) should not add game in which you are not 100% sure why just bet on it.

Many novice bettors shapes batteries that style that fits ticket for 10 games in which you bet on the favorite with odds to 1.4 and thinks that is rolled. Unfortunately, it is not so – and friends sometimes lose (more often than you think and punters are willing to concede). As a result, only destroy your ticket.

The battery should ideally contain 3-4 tips. You must realize that it is quite difficult to determine the outcome of a match, let alone three or four.